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How to..? | #02 Mesh Terrain with Buildings in Grasshopper || Intermediate (Beginner Friendly)

How to..? | #02 Mesh Terrain with Buildings in Grasshopper || Intermediate (Beginner Friendly)

Site Modelling in Rhino. Adding flat areas onto a mesh terrain for buildings. Changing mesh topology. Remeshing the terrain while keeping the sharp features with TriRemesh (Rhino7). Creating water-tight solid mesh for fabrication. Extracting base surfaces for buildings from polysurfaces. Referenced tutorial: The files for this exercise can be found here: This video requires a basic understanding of Grasshopper and visual programming in general, and it is best suited for intermediate users. CHAPTERS: 00:00 Intro 00:16 Delaunay Mesh | Mesh from points 00:55 Base Surfaces | Extracting boundary curves 01:15 Point in Curves | Removing coinciding terrain points 01:55 Mesh Brep | Converting base surfaces to meshes 02:16 Offset Curve Loose | Remove close points 02:52 Mesh Settings | Mesh Brep 03:28 Merge Data Streams | Delaunay Mesh 04:05 Adding path onto terrain | Untrimmed Surface 05:05 Adding path onto terrain | Trimmed Surface 05:27 TriRemesh | Remeshing the terrain 07:09 Mesh Edges | Closing mesh terrain 08:10 Loft sides | Closing mesh terrain 08:36 Mesh Shadow | Closing mesh terrain 08:55 Mesh Join | Water-tight mesh 09:26 Test for Naked or Non-Manifold Edges 09:42 Checking Mesh Geometry 10:04 Extracting base surfaces from buildings 10:45 Closing COMPONENTS: Delaunay Mesh Point in Curves Dispatch Mesh Brep Deconstruct Mesh Offset Curve Loose Mesh Settings (Custom) Merge TriRemesh Mesh Edges Project Loft Simple Mesh Mesh Shadow Mesh Join Unify Mesh LINKS Add-ons: Forum: Grasshopper component library: CONTACT US AT: Narrated by: Lina Vestarte _ Click LIKE, if you find the tutorial useful. Have a question or suggestion? Leave a comment below! Never miss a new tutorial - SUBSCRIBE :)

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